Website development

A site or not a site, that's the question!

When we are asked: “Do I need a website?” - we first consider the business and its tasks and only then answer. Of course, the site has many advantages: the ability to order online in a few clicks, more opportunities for advertising, greater customer confidence in the brand. So if you are confident in your niche and plan to increase online sales - we will develop it!

Which came first: chicken or egg? There is no single answer that would satisfy both evolutionists and theologians. As well as answers to questions: do you need a business website, or enough social networks.

Our cases

With or without animation, with extended articles or short theses, minimalism or bright grotesque - we will create any site for your business!
I want a site!

Types of sites we Develop:

Landing page
The main task of such a site is to generate a call or a completed feedback form from a potential customer. Such sites are convenient to use when you have only one service or one type of product. Usually consists of 1-2 pages.
The main advantage of such a site is low cost and speed in development. They are often used to test a product niche.
The name itself speaks of the main task of such a site - online sales.
Typically, such sites contain many pages with a wide range of products, shopping cart, online payment options and support contacts. When developing online stores, we pay special attention to the convenience of the structure, cleariness and simplicity of the order form.
Business card site
A multi-page site that is designed to present services or products provided by the company. And also, to get acquainted with the history of the company, its advantages. Usually contains up to 10 pages. Of course, feedback and contacts are posted on the business card site.
Information portal
These can be news sites or selections of professional materials on any topic. One of the main differences of such portals is the need to create an active community.


First the brief, and then everything else - without filling the brief, the work will be like wandering in the dark in an unfamiliar room. It will take a lot of time, cause bruises and clutter. If you find it difficult to complete the brief yourself - we will conduct an interview.
The next step is the structure of the site. We determine the number of pages, their content and create a list of required modules on the site.
Prototyping. This step is often missed in sites development, but we consider it important. After all, it is during the prototyping that we place all the necessary blocks on the site, think about usability. This makes it possible to adjust all the blocks and their placement with the customer before creating the design.
Copywriting. Texts are a very important part of the site. After all, it is the language of preferences that will push your customers to call or order.
Design. Based on the prototype, we develop a unique design for your site. We never use design templates - individuality is very important!
HTML coding and CMS connection - development goes to the finish line. At this stage, the site is optimized for various gadgets. Now we need to pay special attention to how site looks on mobile phones, because more and more users go online from smartphones.
Testing and correcting possible deficiencies.
We pass all site data to the customer. We always register the domain and hosting for the customer and transfer all logins and passwords to the client's site - this is a guarantee of your independence and security. Why? Because we don`t tie the site to our company and you can use our help for further support, as well as contact someone else, or administer the site yourself.

What do you get

Working, unique, optimized for different types of gadgets site that will help you grow your business even more efficiently!


Well, are you ready to start?

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