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“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

We started marketing when advertising on the Internet was something new and incomprehensible, and banners were bought out through personal arrangements, and the term "media buyer" had not yet been coined for this purpose.

Now we have enough experience to develop business of any level, from a local beauty salon to an all-Ukrainian network. No matter what scale your business is, we will develop it professionally and diligently. Because we are.


The most important things in our business are people!

Sergey Chechko


Expert in strategic business analysis, creating marketing strategies, and purchase funnel. A certified Google expert in the areas of search advertising, video advertising, and Google Analytics.

Super skill - knows how to bring you a customer, no matter where they hide.

Oksana Kisil


Marketing specialist, website prototyping specialist, expert in building marketing strategies and crisis management for organizations. Expert in organizing exhibitions, seminars, and conferences.

Super skill - knows and remembers everything about all the projects the agency handles.

Olena Bondarenko

Project manager

Professional communicator and telephone sales specialist. You will be talking to Olena when you call or write to us.

Now he is responsible for continuous work of projects. Finds a common language with all customers. Instantly resolves all issues related to the project.

Superskil - can build a sales department for a client, or sell any product or merchandise independently.

Alina Panchuk

Marketing specialist

Marketing specialist, PR specialist, analyst, and website design specialist. With experience in political technologies, large and medium-sized businesses, she deeply studies and analyzes business, creates hypotheses, and knows how to test them in practice.

Super skill - sees and generates ideas from a non-standard angle.

Roman Humenny


Expert in creating identities for companies, effective websites, and landing pages. With deep experience in developing project interfaces and improving the usability of information structures. A professional in the development of advertising printed products. Over 20 brand books and 50 websites in the portfolio.

Super skill - "hitting" the design with the image that the client envisions in their mind.

Kristina Slyusar

SMM Marketer

SMM specialist, copywriter. With experience working with major brands, she studies the specifics and can deeply immerse herself in the nuances of the client's business. Finds the best sides and advantages of the client and can highlight them in text and visuals. Not afraid of complex topics.

Super skill - quickly grasps and integrates the client's vision into effective SMM rules.

Anna Kharchenko

SMM Marketer

SMM specialist, copywriter. With experience in large and medium-sized businesses, she works effectively on projects in various directions and knows how to find the best angle for presenting information.

Super skill - calmly and deliberately approaches tasks of any complexity.

Yevhenii Symonenko


A professional photographer with over 8 years of experience.
Portfolio includes over 600 shots: portraits, couples, family, and business.
Author of the YouTube channel "Film Diary".
Skilled in cinematography, video direction, and editing.
Proficient in the following software:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, DaVinci Resolve

How to get into the team

We are always happy when a cool specialist joins our team! If you think you have something to bring to our company – send your resume to


Who we work with:

With large, medium and small businesses throughout Ukraine.
Only with legal business. We do not promote "gray and black goods", questionable coaches and illegal activities.
With owners or managers who are interested in developing their business. We are not a magic wand or a "do good" button. If business representatives are not interested in development, it won’t be good, no matter how hard we try.

Feedback from our customers:

Ivo Pertz
СЕО SEO real estate portal
I have been working with the guys for several years. A professional approach to ordering, initially assessing the needs and goals of the business to achieve the goal. There is an understanding of the full cycle of business processes and how online can help existing businesses or accelerate the process of digitalization of the industry.
Marina Timinska
The owner of the kindergarten "Baby Best"
We use Rabbit Marketing services, we are very pleased with the result. Professional approach to work from the first days of cooperation. You are the best!!! Thank you for your work!!!
Tatiana Krasnovetska
Deputy Director of Development Center "Origami"
Development Center "Origami" would like to thank Rabbit Marketing for effective and efficient cooperation! Thank you for your professional approach, good result and ability to respond quickly to the tasks. Very responsible, creative and competent! Thank you and recommend to everyone!
Igor Nedoborovsky
Founder of production studio "05videoprod"
Very cool guys who really know what they are doing and how to help the client with solving his problems
Anastasia Nikitorovich
The owner of the cosmetology salon "Silk Beauty"
Rabbit Marketing - it is a team of true professionals. They helped a lot when opening the Silk Beauty cosmetology salon. From the development of a logo and website, to attracting the first customers through social networks and Google. Recommend!
Elena Mudryk
Director of TopGym Sports Club
A team of absolute professionals, all the goals and objectives were quickly achieved. Clearly, competently, harmoniously, systematically, we recommend.

our customers:

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