Call it by its name!

The task of branding is to convey to the target audience the main essence of the business proposal. In addition, the whole message should be designed in a single brand style, and the method of communication - to form a positive attitude towards the company!

The term "branding" comes from the Latin word "brand" - a stigma, a mark. The closest translation is to make a name for yourself.

Branding elements:

The company name
Logo and trademark
Fonts and colors
Packaging and labeling
Advertising messages
PR events and more

How do
we start

First of all, we conduct a long interview with the owner of the company. During communication we highlight the main tasks, priorities and features of the company. After all, all of that should be displayed and easily read in the company's identity.

How we "design" a brand

If the company is created from scratch or a complete rebranding is planned, you need to start with the name! It is good when the name conveys the essence of the company's activities. Even better, when the name is essentially easy to remember and write "by ear".
Next, we create a description of the brand, describe the values it carries and how it differs from other brands in the niche. That is, we prescribe the company's positioning in the market.
And only after that we create an identity - a logo, colors and fonts that will be used in the future to promote the brand.
It's time for a brand book! This document, in addition to the logo, fonts and colors, may contain the design of promotional products, business cards and promotional products. The final list depends on the needs of the client.

Why bother so much?

There are many answers here! Both the fact that brand awareness further reduces advertising costs, and that the brand forms a circle of regular customers and many others. But there is one, probably the most favorite answer for entrepreneurs – the opportunity to form a price (brand) premium!

Brand premium is an opportunity to sell a marketing item at a higher price than the market average! The price premium of the brand is formed on the basis of the readiness of the target audience of the brand to buy more willingly, faster and more expensive, relying on the popularity of the brand!


What do you get

Ready-made brand book of the company, which must contain: a customer-approved version of the name, logo, fonts, brand colors and description and examples of use. Design of advertising or promotional products – the list of which is agreed previously.

Don't be noname!
Let's do branding!

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