Advertising on the radio

You will perform on the radio, period!

George VI had to fight stuttering and make speeches on the radio on his own, but you can contact us! Unfortunately, radio advertising is often used insufficiently or incorrectly. For example, when you`re recording commercials, you should understand that no one will write down a phone number - a lot of people will listen to the radio in their cars!

The main task of radio advertising is to evoke emotion in listeners, which would help them remember the brand and how useful it is.

How we do it:

To begin, we find out the needs and goals of the advertising campaign.
Fill in the brief, where we prescribe all aspects.
We are preparing several scripts for the commercial and agreeing on the best one.
We do professional voice acting in the studio, select background music and build an audio series.
We select radio stations, time and a frequency of a playback.

Just listen!

How we do it:

Rabbit Marketing cooperates with the media holding “Tavr Media”, so we can place your advertisement at favorable prices on the most popular radio stations in the country!

What do you get

Professionally prepared advertising campaign on popular radio stations of the country. Local or all-Ukrainian – you decide!

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