"Supermed" dentistry

Who is afraid of dentists? It seems that this fear has been with us since the days when dentistry was more “punitive” than useful. We also have scared dentists in our office, which is probably why we work with the progressive dental clinic “Supermed” – we had to face our fear. And to understand how much modern dental services have changed and developed.

Now we are not afraid, because we have learned a lot and know all aspects of modern dentistry!

What have we already done?

  • Traditionally for a working business, we started with an audit and adjustments of the clinic itself. Because we know 100% that people in the process often do not notice the important nuances for customers. Namely, we have a sharpened view of this!
  • Conducted an independent survey of Vinnytsia residents and studied the demand, supply and fears of potential clients of the clinic.
  • Based on surveys and strategic sessions with business leaders, a new concept of promotion has been developed.
  • We implemented a new visualization of the facade and made adjustments to the organization of the clinic staff in the field of customer orientation.
  • We created a design for social networks and started maintaining pages actively.
  • We developed the site and launched Google advertising.

What's next?

We plan to completely redesign the site and actively promote it online, work with the audience to dispel myths and fears about dental services and much, much more!

Ready for active development?

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