Correct mistakes before advertising!

We often meet disappointed customers. They say they tried online advertising and it didn't work! You know, any kind of advertising may not work. And you don't always have to look for a reason in bad advertising. Your marketers or the agency you worked with could create and customize a great advertising campaign. And it didn’t work simply because the internal processes of your business don`t allow you to gain new customers and profits.

That is why we always tell our clients: if you want to comprehensively solve problems with marketing, advertising and sales - you need to start with the audit. And only then can you build a marketing strategy and launch advertising campaigns.

Audit - sounds scary, but this isn`t the scary audit from the tax, which any business owner fear!


Checking the business by mystery shoppers.
Analysis of a service or product in comparison with competitors.
Checking the work of the sales department (telephone or real).
Evaluation of marketing and advertising activity.
Site evaluation.
Evaluation of social pages.
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That's how many customers were able to buy the service from one of our customers. Where have other customers gone? Got lost in misconfigured business processes! Your manager didn't call back or forgot to enter the database, and someone couldn't wait for an answer.

So it’s clear that you don't need to increase the amount of advertising, as you requested, but to adjust the internal processes! We find out this important information during audits and with the help of mystery shoppers.

How we do it

– And what don’t I know about my business? My friends tell me everything! – We often hear from customers.

But, as it turns out, the owner can really ignore a lot. Our auditors quickly find all the flaws. For example, we select mystery shoppers according to the scope of business. If it is a children’s club, then not only mothers, but also the children will conduct an inspection and write reports on it!

What do you get

After the audit, we create a report with a complete list of problems and recommendations / instructions for their correction. This is a step-by-step plan of what and how to change in business first!

Well, are you ready to check your business?

Start checking