Marketing strategy

Before you start going - choose the right path!

Do you know the difference between marketing and advertising? Advertising is an action that is always directed outside the company, only to customers. Marketing is a broader concept that includes not only advertising, but also an analysis of the company's internal processes, the work of the sales department, advertising platforms and much more.

Usually everyone wants to start advertising as soon as possible and refuses to develop a marketing strategy, and this is the first step in the wrong direction.


Why do we do this?
Who do we sell it to?
What exactly are we selling?
How do we sell?
Where do we sell?
If you don't answer these questions, chances are your marketing is wandering in the dark and your marketing budgets are merging into an infinite number of hypotheses.
  • Leader strategy.
  • Challenge strategy.
  • Leader-following strategy.
  • Transition to a specialized niche.

Where we begin

First, we will determine what place your company occupies in the market in a competitive environment. Depending on the capabilities and the main purpose of your company, we will choose one of the strategies:

How we do it

We analyze the characteristics of the market, business opportunities and product characteristics. We scan the activities of competitors and the needs of potential customers. We take into account external and internal factors according to the SWOT model. Where S is the strengths of the brand / product. W - weaknesses. O - opportunities / resources of the company. T - external threats that cannot be influenced.
We form the Unique Trade Offer of the company. The same semi-mythical UTO, which everyone knows it should be, but doesn`t fully understand what it is.
We choose the market. Having determined the advantages, disadvantages, resources and UTO of the company, we analyze the supply and demand and determine in which niche your product is needed.
Finally, we begin to develop a marketing plan. At this stage, the company's goals are specified in terms of the obtained research data. We determine the pricing policy of the product, positioning methods, sites for promotion and tasks of advertising campaigns.

What do you get

A complete analysis of your business with offers to promote the product or service in the market where you are represented.


So, do you need a marketing strategy or will you run your business blind?

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