Smm. Promotion in social networks

Marketing patrol! Everyone gets out of the darkness! Where? On social networks!

Why? It's simple, according to the latest research by We Are Social and Hootsuite, an average user spends 6 hours and 43 minutes on the Internet every day. That is, more than 100 days per user per year. Social networks have become an integral part of modern life. In the networks we meet, communicate, fall in love, oppose injustice and, most importantly for business, buy.

Ukrainian Facebook users actively respond to advertising: in early 2020, an average user clicked on advertising 21 times.
One of the fastest ways to get your business online is to register a business page on social media. When choosing a network, keep in mind that in almost all regions of Ukraine Facebook is more popular than Instagram. However, Instagram is significantly ahead of Facebook among young users under 28 years. From the age of 28, users are more likely to choose Facebook.

Business in social networks

How we do it:

We start with the analysis of the target audience of the business and choose the network that will be a priority in the promotion.
We analyze the activity of competitors.
We configure the page - autoresponders, function blocks.
We develop a corporate design for the page - cover, avatar, stamps. This is necessary so that all posts maintain a single style in the tape.
We interview business representatives, based on which we write and post.
We create visual content. We use photos and videos of clients in the posts, or we take on this task.
If necessary, we conduct contests / draws and surveys.
In Instagram, we set up, in addition to daily, constant stories and select popular hashtags in the subject and city.
We set up advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness and increase the number of subscribers.
What is the essence of this service and why did we make it separate from the maintenance of social networks? Because this is a separate format of working with Facebook, when advertising campaigns are set up with conversions, installation of a software code on the site and are optimized specifically for the sale of goods.



This service includes

Create an advertising cabinet and install Facebook Pixel on your site.
Development of design of advertisements and advertising messages.
Set up and run an advertising campaign on Facebook.
Maintenance and adjustment of the advertising campaign.
Reporting, statistics, analytics, forecasts and recommendations.
According to Econsultancy, 57% of social network users prefer to communicate with bots when ordering something. Why? Nowadays, talking on the phone is perceived as something very personal, so most users try to put all communications in corresponding mode. And one of the main advantages of a chatbot over an employee is an instant response.


How we do it:

We develop the structure of the conversation with a user.
We describe the company's products and services in the chatbot.
We motivate the client to take active action - to leave contact, make an appointment, etc.
We create separate branches of conversation to inform customers about promotions, events, discounts.
We analyze the customer's behavior and lead him through the "funnel" of sales.
We collect the information base from the clients who interacted with the bot and "caught up" with their advertisements.
Our agency is the official partner of the Manychat chatbot platform, so we create chatbots mainly for Facebook. Your page will be able not only to consult the client independently, but also to register him for a meeting!

What do you get

Professionally represented in social networks business. Customized advertising campaigns, growing brand awareness and even more sales.

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