Launching online sales in 10 days

In the spring of 2020, the entire business of the country passed a remarkable test of endurance and flexibility. For some, the crisis has come to an end, and for others, on the contrary – an incentive for rapid development and opening up new horizons. Trademark “Gordiy” has chosen the second variant.

For years, the Uman Greenhouse Plant has been successfully growing organic and tasty vegetables and selling them to supermarket chains, and during the quarantine restrictions it has rapidly gone online.

10 days!

It was during this period that we helped a brand that worked only with wholesale sales to go online and start retail for the end consumer on the Internet.

What have we done:

  • We have formed a number of trade offers for retail trade.
  • Created a unique design for a mini online store.
  • Carried out all stages of site development.
  • Connected payment and delivery systems.
  • Created and designed pages on social networks.
  • Adjusted and launched advertising campaigns.
  • Set up work on receiving, processing orders and customer support by phone.

What has been achieved:

  • In a very short period of time, the business has fully gone online.
  • Work has begun not only to promote the brand on the Internet, but also launched online sales.
  • In the first month of operation, all investments in the project were returned, thanks to profits from online sales.

How have we done it?

Due to a sharp change in consumer buying habits. Due to quarantine restrictions, many people who previously bought vegetables in markets and supermarkets have switched to ordering products online.
Thanks to the determination of the management of trademark “Gordiy” and the readiness of the business to quickly modernize the processes under the new realities of quarantine restrictions.
The speed of reactions and coordination, often overtime work of the team is probably the most important factor that helped this case to be realized.

What happens next?

For our team, this case also became a test. We tested ourselves for readiness to work quickly and efficiently in crisis conditions and get results in a short time.

Trademark “Gordiy” continues to work in the online plane on their own and we are so happy with their success!

Are you ready to go online quickly?

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