Video Shooting

You have only 30 seconds of advertising. If you get the viewer's attention from the first seconds, he will watch the video to the end.
“When you advertise fire extinguishers, start up with fire.” — David Ogilvy

According to statistics, people prefer to watch videos without reading texts. If you need to tell about your business quickly and efficiently - video is a great choice.In addition, it is a multifunctional tool - a finished video can be used on a personal website, on social networks, for paid advertising on Youtube or television.

How we do it:

To begin, we find out the needs and goals of the advertising campaign.
Fill in the brief, where we prescribe all the aspects.
We write and coordinate the script of the commercial.
If necessary, select locations and actors.
We record professional voice acting in the studio and select background music.
We mount audio series and texts on video.
We coordinate, make changes and give the finished video.
Video advertising on the Internet is 18 times more effective than banner advertising! And a Youtube channel is a great source of traffic for a site. No channel? So we will create!

No more talk
watch the video!

what do you get

Professional video for your business! And we will also help to get the maximum benefits from it.

Lights, camera, action!

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