DronAgronom - application of fertilizers using drons

When our agency was approached by the founder of DronAgronom, he bought a domain for the site, agrodrons and moreover the season of application of plant protection products was coming up. So we had a maximum of 2 weeks for everything. Which we spent on creating the project, and the owners – on additional training of the team to work in the field.

Is it possible to successfully launch a complex project from scratch before generating the first orders on the site? As it turned out – it can be done (but still better to start early, because we are not ready to repeat such feats every time).

What did we do in 14 days?

  • Conducting a full cycle of branding. Developing a logo, selecting colors and fonts, creating an identity to visualize business on the Internet and offline.
  • Developing a landing page to describe the service and accept orders from customers. A site on the Tilda platform was created for this project, so we were very limited in time – the season has already begun!
  • Setting up Google search advertising, developing banner ads, and launching display advertising.
  • Setting up targeted advertising on social networks to attract potential customers who were not yet familiar with the service.

All advertising campaigns began to bring applications almost from the first days of work. So while customers were working in the field, we kept scaling up effective connections and turning off the ones that didn’t work.

During the season, we generated 220+ applications from farmers for the client, and the total area of fields that needed to be treated with drones appeared to be more than 65,000 hectares! And this is not taking into account the order by phone or in correspondence on social networks - purely applications from the site.

What conclusions did we make at the end of the season?

  • When starting a business with a super-fast start, you need to make instant decisions and use all the tools that allow you to work fast. True, we don’t really like Tilda’s template sites, but when the deadline is on fire, it’s ideal.
  • Never stop testing channels. After all, one of the most successful placements to promote agrodrons – were children’s channels on YouTube (who would have thought!).
  • Gather-gather-gather audiences! Because the new season will start soon and they will definitely agree to set up advertising.

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