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Targeted advertising is a form of online advertising that allows you to select accurately the audience to which you want to advertise. It can be adjusted according to many parameters: age, gender, interests, place of residence, purchasing power, etc. This is a quick way to start selling from the site and attract target customers there.

Targeted advertising can be customized on Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Each site has its own characteristics, for example, Google can pre-estimate the number of queries on the topic.
Google Advertising
Any type of contextual advertising in Google allows not only to adjust it to the result as accurately as possible, but also to track the effectiveness of advertising.


Contextual advertising
When you search for anything on Google, usually the first 3 search results are promotional. Contextual advertising directly responds to the customer's search and offers him the most relevant offers.
Media advertising
It is a banner or video ad that appears on the sites that have Google code installed. Quite a popular type of advertising that helps promote your brand, products or services.
Have you ever viewed a product on a site and then met this ad - product just "haunting" you everywhere? This is remarketing! With such settings, the ads will be seen by those customers who have visited your site and haven't bought anything.
Advertising on Youtube
The proportion of people watching videos on Youtube instead of on TV is constantly growing. But the cost of advertising is much lower than on television. Moreover, it can be adjusted according to the parameters: age, gender, location and interests of your potential client!

Types of youtube advertising

Video advertising
The commercials are broadcast before the video starts or are turned on while watching. And here, too, have their secrets, for example, integrate the name of your brand at the beginning of the video so that as many potential customers see it.
Banner advertising
Don't you have your own commercial video and budget to shoot it? No problem! You can also advertise with banners on Youtube!

How we do it:

We are checking to see if Google has your audience. We find out the number of search queries on the subject of your products or services.
We analyze your site to see if it is ready to accept traffic.
We create or configure Google ads and Google Analytics accounts.
We install codes on your site for effective advertising.
We develop creative: text ads and / or banners.
We select keywords, audiences and launch advertising campaigns.

What do you get

Professionally designed advertising campaigns by a certified Google specialist, and customers interested in your products or services on the site!


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