Websites for "Dyvosvit" and "Origami" Children Development Centers

The task entrusted to us by the clients was to create multi-page websites for the children’s development centers “Dyvosvit” and “Origami.” The new websites were intended to inform the target audience about the opportunities offered by the centers, generate active leads, facilitate the registration of new visitors, and announce upcoming events.

The primary and crucial goal set by the team was to create a user-friendly functionality for searching the desired development direction based on the child’s age and the specific type of activity. Since each center offers a wide range of activities for different age groups, the usability of the projects was of paramount importance.

What was done:

Developed and tested a convenient multi-level menu structure with dual sorting for a large number of activity directions.
Created prototypes for all website pages, defining each block and its functionality.
Developed design proposals for the websites in various stylistic approaches, aligning each site with the current style of the respective center, including its colors and visualization.
Implemented a unique design (for both web and mobile versions) for all pages based on selected proposals.
Specified main messages, block headlines, menus, and footers.
HTML layout for all typical pages and integration into the WordPress content management system.
Functionality testing and optimization of pages for mobile devices on test domains and hosting.
Migration of the websites to live domains and hosting, database configuration, caching, security plugin setup, and SSL certificate integration.
Training the client's team on website content management, updates, and adjustments.


Structuring the website required a significant amount of time and behavioral research to ensure that visitors did not get lost among the numerous activity groups. This was achieved through double sorting: parents could choose activities both by direction and age group.

Each activity group has its own page with a complete description, schedule, price, and registration form. In addition to activity groups, the website structure included pages highlighting the centers’ capabilities, event announcements, and contact pages.

The internal website structure was designed to allow administrators to add or remove activity groups independently, eliminating the need to contact developers.

Design and Stylistics:

Both websites were executed in different stylistic approaches in accordance with the existing brand guidelines. For the Origami site, broken lines and stylistic elements echoing the building’s design were incorporated.

For the “Dyvosvit” site, bright colors and straight lines were chosen for the design. Additionally, a “superhero” character was created, reinforcing the semantic meaning of the “Development Center.”

Careful use of animation was implemented on both sites to avoid overloading the already visually rich pages and to ensure that visitors’ attention was not diverted from key elements and texts.


Strategic Marketer
Web Developer
Project manager


Active and operational websites for Children's Development Centers with convenient navigation and extensive capabilities. Optimized for various devices and ready for lead generation from new and returning clients.

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