Websites for Carefield Company

How to effectively present a company engaged in all production processes in agribusiness on the Internet? This was the question we faced when Carefield approached us with a request for website development.

Considering that Carefield operates in various business areas, we initially started by creating small landing pages for each direction. This allowed us to quickly launch each necessary direction and direct potential client traffic to the respective landing page.

Web Infrastructure

However, eventually, we concluded that it would be better to consolidate the entire web infrastructure into a unified logical system and transitioned to creating interconnected full-fledged corporate websites.

The main tasks we set for ourselves were: create a logical and understandable structure for the websites, highlight all the company’s business directions, maintain a consistent visual style, and provide the client with the ability to independently manage and populate any of the websites.

This led to the creation of:

General corporate site for all directions.
Specialized site for services provided by agricultural drones.
Store for selling agricultural drones and accessories.


Each of the websites was developed with consideration for search engine requirements and optimized for various devices. For convenient content management, we used two platforms: WordPress for corporate sites and OpenCart for the online store.

This decision was driven by the company’s plans to expand the product range of the online store. The capabilities of WordPress and the associated WooCommerce plugin would be insufficient for the extensive functionality Carefield aimed for.

Design and Stylistics

The general corporate site adheres to the company’s brand book, utilizing Carefield’s business colors. Stylistic elements of the logo were incorporated into infographics and the design of functional blocks.

For the agricultural drone sites (corporate and online store), a unique design was created in a more modern style. To maintain a cohesive perception, the web designer incorporated elements of the Carefield style, but different colors were chosen, and the design was made more technological. This decision aimed to emphasize the progressive nature of the drone business in agriculture.

What was done:

Developed and tested a convenient structure for the main site with services and the specialized site for agricultural drone services.
Created prototypes for all website pages, defining each block and its subsequent functionality.
Developed design proposals for websites in various stylistics, adhering to the existing Carefield style and brand book rules.
Created a unique design (for web and mobile versions) for all website pages.
Defined main messages, block headlines, menus, and footers.
HTML layout for all typical pages. Websites and were connected to the WordPress content management system, and the store was connected to OpenCart.
Functional testing and optimization of pages for mobile devices on test domains and hosting.
Added to all websites: texts, photos, and videos.
Transferred websites to active domains and hosting, configured databases, caching, security plugin setup, and SSL certificate integration.


Active websites covering various business areas of Carefield with easy navigation and extensive capabilities. Optimized for different devices and ready to generate leads from new and existing clients.


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