Full marketing support for the development "Little Italy"

Little Italy is an innovative investment project located in the suburbs of Vinnytsia. The complex offers a wide range of real estate investment opportunities, including apartments, cottages, and cottages with terraces. Thanks to the management company, which takes care of complex maintenance and rental control, owners can generate passive income without investing their own time.

When the owners of the development approached us, there was no marketing channel for promotion, and the project had a different name.


The team’s primary task was to develop an overall marketing strategy for the promotion and sale of real estate investments in Ukraine. Over a month and a half, we conducted real estate market research in modern realities, independent surveys of buyers and sellers, formulated the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), positioning, content strategy, selected target audiences, and optimal sales channels.

As a result of our work, we not only understood the need to change the development’s name but also formulated a comprehensive promotion plan, including budgeting for the next three months.

Naming and Branding

The name “Little Italy” was chosen by the clients from among five proposed options. Each suggested name had some connection to Italy, reflecting the architectural style of the development, which is designed in modern Italian style with numerous references to Italy. “Little Italy” was recognized as the best option because it not only immediately informs about the architectural style but also reveals the essence – a comprehensive development including living and recreational infrastructure.

After finalizing the name, we proceeded to develop the logo and stylistic representation. The logo incorporates thin lines and a stylized building, and the color scheme aligns with the colors of the development itself.


The team’s primary goal in developing the website was to create an informative platform for potential buyers, where they could not only learn about the development’s opportunities but also see the potential forecast of their passive income.

Therefore, the website’s development focused heavily on informational content: apartment and cottage layouts, design visualizations, a complete description of the surrounding infrastructure, investment opportunities, and profit calculations based on the chosen type of real estate.

The website’s stylistics align with the brand book, incorporating elements that resonate with the design of the development.

Social Media

The first chosen channel for highlighting the development’s features was social media. We developed a content strategy, registered social pages, created design elements, and wrote and posted posts. For promotion, channels such as targeted advertising for reach and paid placements in specialized real estate groups were selected.

In addition to Instagram and Facebook, Google Business also proved to be an effective promotion channel for real estate. Immediately after registering the tag, route planning and calls started coming in.

Paid Traffic

The main channels for targeted leads for the sales department were Google Ads and placements on specialized real estate platforms.
Professional photoshoots were conducted, and advertisements and a full description of the development were created for platform placements.


Strategic Marketer
Web Developer
SMM Marketer
Paid Traffic Specialist
Project Manager


A complete infrastructure for promoting "Little Italy" has been created, including a website, specialized platforms, social media, and advertising accounts on Google and Meta. Launched advertising campaigns that began generating targeted inquiries and calls from the first days.

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