SMM for the "Professor Sergienko Ophthalmological Clinic"

To whom, if not to those who spend 8-10 hours a day working in front of monitors, is the importance of eye health clear? So when the task of promoting an ophthalmological clinic came before us, we gladly took on the job, especially considering that this is a powerful and professional clinic not only for Vinnytsia but also for residents of many regions of Ukraine.

During the preparation for the launch:

Conducted research on competitors and the client's clinic regarding visual design on social networks, positioning, and pricing policies. Used the "mystery shopper" method to investigate service quality by phone and appointment scheduling, the doctor's admission process, and the visual design of clinics.
Researched and segmented the target audience into primary and secondary, based on which a content plan was created and advertising was configured.
Developed a content promotion strategy and advertising strategy for social networks.
Created a new visual style for social networks and advertising creatives.
Modified the style of external advertising within the brand book, taking into account research and innovations.
Conducted photo and video shoots, interviews with clinic doctors.

SMM Promotion

The foundation of visual representation is based on the principles of openness and honest communication with patients. Publications use minimal design and many honest and lively photos and videos of the clinic, doctors, and equipment.

Professor Sergiienko’s main mission is to give people the opportunity to see the world clearly and brightly, using advanced methods and caring for each patient. Therefore, we based the SMM strategy and social media content on this principle: discussing advanced technologies, honestly answering patient questions, introducing doctors and procedures.

Targeted Advertising

The paid advertising was based on two strategies: generating direct leads on the website and promoting the clinic’s brand among the potential target audience.

Generating direct leads through requests on the site and calls occurs through direct advertising of clinic services (promotional and regular). Previous work on the target audience allows precise adjustment of advertising campaigns and not only generates a constant flow of applications but also works on optimizing advertising budgets.

Brand promotion is a “long game.” The main task is to highlight the professionalism of the team and introduce patients to the doctors even before their visit to the clinic, showing the presence of the latest equipment and a professional approach to each patient.

Offline Advertising

The first offline advertising campaign was created based on the principle of a direct offer from the clinic to the patient. Our goal was not to attract patients through discounts, as there is a lot of such advertising among direct competitors, but to showcase the clinic’s wide range of capabilities.

Creating unconditional value and supporting clinic recognition—these are the main goals in offline advertising that we set for ourselves in the first place.


Strategic Marketer
SMM Marketer


A complete update of the visual and content filling of the clinic's social pages. A changed approach to presentation on social networks and communicative policy. From the first days, active promotion of special offers with the generation of direct patient appointment requests.

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