Meat master - when you know everything about sausages

Sausage masters – so we periodically joke about ourselves in the office. But this is just a joke, because real masters work in the company “Meat Master”. 

In general, we really like working with powerful manufacturing companies, because they can face new challenges and interesting tasks.

What have they already done to me?

  • We conducted a thorough audit of stores. From mystery shopper checks to salespeople to customer reviews.
  • An independent survey was conducted among Vinnytsia Oblast residents to find out how often people buy meat and sausages, how much a family spends on such purchases per month, where they like to buy and why.
  • Based on surveys and strategic sessions with business leaders, they developed new advertising messages and promotion concepts.
  • Conducted many photo shoots of products to visualize the brand on the Internet.
  • Created a new design for social networks and began active management of pages. Held a large-scale raffle of gifts for the holidays.
  • Developed the concept, script of a professional video about the production and the network and actively participated in its shooting.
  • We presented our work presented to the company’s staff and together with the management launched a new motivational system for employees.

Oh, how much meat and sausages we ate while working and how much more we will eat! Because you can't advertise what you haven't tasted yourself. This is not our rule, but the director of the company "Meat Master"!

What's next??

We have many plans and ideas that will address various aspects of the company’s development:

  • YouTube promotion
  • Cooking book
  • Development of new promotions and directions

So watch out and, of course, buy products. Because we not only ate sausages, but also were in production, saw all the processes and are confident in the quality.

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