Marketing Support for the "My Gadget" Store Network

“My Gadget” is a network of smartphone and personal gadget stores operating in the Central and Western regions of Ukraine.

The main task assigned to the team by the clients was to elevate the brand’s online presence to a new visually recognizable level and set up targeted advertising. However, during the communication process, we realized that the brand needed a more systematic approach to marketing.


The gadget market in Ukraine is highly dynamic, especially in today’s turbulent times. Therefore, we started our strategy by studying competitors and customer preferences. We conducted independent surveys, without tying them to a specific brand, basing our further marketing strategy on the gathered insights. As part of the research, we audited the website and conducted checks with mystery shoppers in offline and online stores.

Results: We identified the main sales and communication channels, developed new Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) and positioning, defined communication rules for both physical and online stores, and devised new methods for dealing with current and potential customers.


The “My Gadget” project has been in the Ukrainian market for quite some time, so its visual representation required certain changes. We chose the path of simplification in the logo and additional visual elements to complete the overall image and recognition.

Results: The logo was modified, the external design of all stores was completely reworked, and external advertising for different cities was developed. The styling of additional materials, such as bags, stickers, and warranties, was refined.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Instagram is one of the main communication channels for the brand with its customers. Therefore, we approached its management and visual design meticulously. We created a content strategy and modified the design of posts and videos to ensure each post stands out in subscribers’ feeds.

Selecting a “face in the frame” posed a separate challenge. Since communication on social media, especially on TikTok, requires a person in the frame, a significant amount of time was spent searching, testing, and trialing candidates for this role.

Results: A new design for page layouts was developed, a stylistic approach for advertising creatives was created, and photo-video shoots of products in stores and thematic photo sessions with models were conducted before the New Year. Four to five posts and over 50 stories with products, promotions, and surveys are published every week.

Paid Traffic

In our team’s area of responsibility is targeted advertising on social media. Advertising operates in three variations: product feed leading to the website, creatives leading to messages, and promotion creatives leading to the website.

Results: New variations of creatives and messages were developed, different audiences and campaign periods were tested, and a product feed from the website was created and configured.


Strategic Marketer
SMM Marketer
Paid Traffic Specialist
Project Manager


The brand's visualization and representation, both offline and online, were refined. New customer communication rules were established, and a comprehensive long-term brand promotion strategy was developed.

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