Audit and strategy for grocery supermarket chain

Even businesses with extensive experience and history sometimes need shock therapy. “Why?” – you ask. To reach a new level of development! And it’s good when owners and managers understand this, like the managers of the “Tvoi Ukrainski Tovary” grocery supermarket chain.

Usually, the main demand we receive from business is more advertising and more customers! If the business has existed for a long time, at first we recommend inspecting the company, and only then decide what exactly it needs: more advertising or more change. That’s exactly what we did with the chain of grocery supermarkets “Tvoi Ukrainski Tovary” and made the right call!

What we did:

  • We conducted an independent survey of Vinnytsia residents on brand awareness in the city and have identified the main competitors and priorities in relation to which customers choose supermarkets for shopping.
  • We conducted a geographical analysis of the location of each store and generated a SWOT analysis of the entire network.
  • We conducted an independent inspection with the help of our mystery shoppers in each outlet with the purchase of goods and evaluation of the store on more than 20 criteria.
  • After being checked by mystery shoppers, each store was visited by experts in various areas of advertising for independent evaluation.

Based on all inspections and analyzes, we have formed a change strategy, which includes: priority of changes, recommendations for internal and external design, marketing strategy for the network to go online, developed a system of communication with customers and refined the company’s loyalty program.

SWOT-analysis - a method of strategic planning that identifies the factors of internal and external environment of the organization and divides them into four categories: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.

What has been achieved:

  • The process of global changes in the visual design of the company has begun.
  • Now promotions and special offers can be found in special applications.
  • The promotion of the brand on social networks has begun.
  • A system of informing customers about special offers from the company has been launched.

In general, the company has embarked on a long and fruitful path to change and development, and we are happy to be part of this transformation!

How have we done it?

Due to the demand for qualitative changes generated at different levels of the company. The supermarket trade is actively developing, its competition is growing. The need for improvement is long overdue.
Thanks to the courage of the CEO to subject his business to a thorough inspection without prior preparation. Imagine, only two people in the company knew that we would check the stores!
Willingness to innovate is perhaps the most important criteria for success. When a company has been successfully working offline for years, but has the determination and inspiration to go online - this is the key to future success.

Are you ready to check your business?

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